CaWiM System Delivers
Simply log in to your device and see your stretch film packaging cost.
Know your True Cost!

Easy Installation on every make and model of Stretch Wrap Machine

From Automatic Machines

To Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

The CaWiM System
Know your true cost.

  1. Fast and simple login to your CaWiM Device
    Each CaWiM System Device is unique to its serial number. and all data is saved by serial number
  2. Your data is safe on the CaWiM Cloud
    Each time you machine is powered on the data upstream begins begins to store that shifts data to the cloud.
  3. View your results anytime, from anywhere
    Each user can have multiple devices and the data is protected by serial number.
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CaWiM System
Cut and Weigh in Motion System
The first IIoT Device of its kind for the Stretch Wrap Industry

IIoT will be part of the future of Packaging and will forever change how we interreact with our customer.  Connected machines with packaging commodities will become common place and the CaWiM System is
a perfect fit. 

"As competition grows, an increase in remote monitoring through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can be expected, as it supports effectiveness in a globally competitive market", Packaging Digest reported last week.

Remote monitoring's resultant data will also increase the availability of analytics, which can be assessed for efficiencies such as saving money and time on processes​.

Thus, it is predicted that within two years, approximately 76% of manufacturers will increase the inclusion of smart devices to allow manufacturing equipment to amass data.